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Classic BMW Restorations

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Special Projects & Race Preparation



Race and track day preparation is one of BM Euroservices' specialisations, having many years of experience with total rebuilds, damper servicing, engine and box rebuilding, and full suspensions set ups.


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Special Projects

If you have a special project that needs the professional touch of a dedicated team BM Euroservice Ltd. can help.

Contact us today to discuss your project with us. We can offer free advice and expertise on a wide range of specialist car restoration and mechanical  topics. 

If you decide to choose BM Euroservice to help you on your project you won't be disappointed. We have a wealth of experience working on classic BMW restorations, car body and engine rebuilds, and other specialist BMW projects. 

We'll work closely with you throughout the whole process to make sure you are delighted with the result.

For new, earlier and classic BMW's we also offer special services for one off projects and bespoke specifications such as:

  • Left hand to right hand drive
  • Hill climbing car
  • Replace body shell
  • One off projects
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